I stayed here with mates and we had a great time! Its in a great location, it was clean and it makes a nice change to have your own apartment for the price of a hostel. Although we did stay at a different apartment to the one in the photos. Im pretty sure its a guy who owns a few apartments in Budapest but advertises it as if its a hostel. We also met the guy in some random place and he walked us to a residential apartment block in a good location. He was very friendly and gave us advise on which bars to avoid and where to go. Whilst this isn't actually a hostel, its nothing to fear. I will still return here when I next make it to Budapest.

Chris H
March 19, 2013

Having read the previous comment I was wary of what I'd be in for. Having been sent a text message from the hostel earlier in the morning, I arrived at the address in the evening. I phoned the number, already aware that this wasn't the actual address, and spoke to the hostel contact. He appeared 5 minutes later from the street and walked me to a different address about 1/2 mile away. I didn't really understand the reason for the secrecy of the location – I thought it might have been over-spill accommodation, but we were walking into a nicer area and closer to the Danube so it didn’t really bother me. The actual accommodation was on Váci Street – one of the most famous streets in central Budapest, at the end nearer the green bridge. I was on the 4th floor and paid roughly £20 per night. As you can see from my photographs, it was very amusing and of real character. The bedroom reminded me of my own when I was about 12 years old, the shower was difficult to control to a temperature that wasn’t either scolding hot or too cold, and there was all sorts of junk dotted around the place – like an old fridge freezer parked by the door which had clearly not been used for years, and the dilapidated tiny kitchen had plenty of shelves and drawers but obviously no cups, pans, kettle or serviceable grill/oven etc. To conclude; the location was great and the sight of the shower, kitchen and toilet made me laugh. My only real gripe was the worn-out dirty bedding, for example the pillow cases had fallen to pieces – pretty shameless considering the low cost of replacement. While the pictures might make you immediately declare “No Way!” , it’s worth pointing out that I’ve stayed in other hostels in other parts of the world that were pretty much brand new refurbished and looked perfect but had far worse problems - like stiff noisy mattresses and damp.

June 29, 2011